Thursday, February 25, 2016

Modifying Company Info

When you use the basic setup process or the EasyStep Interview, QuickBooks gets the basic facts about your company in small chunks. But after you create your company file, you can easily view and edit any of this information. Here's how:
1.     Choose Company→My Company or click the My Company entry in the icon bar.
The My Company window opens. As shown in Figure 1-7 (background), your company info appears on the left and info about your copy of QuickBooks appears on the window's right. Apps, services, and subscriptions that you've signed up for (like accepting credit cards, payroll, and so on) appear below your company info. Other products that Intuit would like to sell you appear at the bottom of the window.

2.     To edit your company info, click the edit icon at the window's top right (it looks like a pencil).
The Company Information dialog box opens with your company information grouped into several categories (see Figure 1-7, foreground).

FIGURE 1-7 Some bits of company information change more often than others. For instance, you might relocate your office or change your phone number, email address, or website address. But stuff like your company's legal name and address, federal Employer Identification Number, and business type (corporation, sole proprietorship, and so on) usually stays the same.

3.     To edit your company's contact info, in the Company Information dialog box, click the Contact Information category on the left, and then make the changes you want.
This category includes fields for your company address, phone number, email address, and website.
4.     To change your company's legal name and address, click the Legal Information category.
Remember, your company's legal name and address are the ones you use on federal and state tax forms.
5.     To edit the tax identification number you use, click the Company Identification category.
This category includes the federal Employee Identification Number (EIN) and Social Security Number (SSN) fields. Fill in (or edit) the one that you use for your company.
6.     To specify info for reports you generate, click the Report Information category.
You can specify the starting month for both your fiscal year and your tax year. In addition, this category is where you set the tax form you use for your company tax return.
7.     If you have payroll, click the Payroll Tax Form Information category and make the changes you want.
You can fill in the name, title, and phone number for the person who prepares and signs your company payroll forms; this way, QuickBooks can fill those fields in automatically when you use an Intuit payroll service.
8.     When you're done editing, click OK.

The Company Information dialog box closes. Click the X at the top right of the My Company window to close it, too.

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